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Just prior to leaving on the first section of the TransAmerican Trail (TAT), I saw a post by EarthBound Overland with a prototype tailgate table. In the description they explained that Apoc Industries would be releasing a new tailgate table soon and that this was there first prototype. I immediately contacted Apoc and told them I would be doing the first part of the TAT and would love to try a prototype on the trip. Apoc quickly built and shipped me one of the first prototypes. I was beyond ecstatic, and quickly got it installed before our trip. If you follow my Instagram you know that just after starting out on the trip, my jeep suffered a transmission failure.

As you know, thanks to RPM Extreme in Birmingham Al, I quickly got my jeep back. I’ve been using my new table nearly every time I take the jeep out into the woods. This is one of my favorite modifications I’ve done to the jeep.


As I stated before, I received this as an early prototype, so packaging may have changed since I received my Trail Gate Table.


I failed to capture many pictures of the install. Installing this table by myself was a little difficult and didn’t allow me to take photo’s very easily. This install does require drilling holes in your jeep. The first hole is the hardest.

First thing I had to do was remove the plastic trim across the tailgate. As you can see I previously ran my CB wire under that plastic trim.

I used a level and marker to figure out where exactly I wanted my table. I made sure it would open and close without bumping my subwoofer installed in the back of the jeep with the door closed. I also wanted to make sure the cutting board would slide out without rubbing on anything. Once I had it lined up and leveled I used a marker to figure out where I needed to drill.

The table comes with a type of nutsert or “threaded insert rivet”. After drilling the holes to the diameter of the nutsert you press them into place and then compress them, They expand out and give you a place to thread the bolts into. Though I believe it’s possible to compress them with the bolts, nuts and washers provided, I found it easier to use a special tool. I found what I needed at Harbor Freight for $21. Link

After squeezing the nutserts into place, I was quickly able to bolt the tailgate on. All in all this is a fairly quick and easy install, but having someone else there to hold the table while you level it really would help.


As I stated I’ve been using this table nearly every week. I’ve used in on the trail to cook a good breakfast on my double burner stove, I’ve used it to wash dishes, and I’ve even used it to hold tools. It’s just handy!

Can you sit on it? No, can it hold my big stove, all my dishes, and a small collapsible sink. Absolutely!

I’ve done a number of trails since the install and I’m really impressed with this table. It doesn’t rattle! That was my biggest fear. It makes no noise what so ever. It takes up minimal space when closed, and it opens to provide plenty of space when needed.


If I had to come up with one con, I’d say it’s the price. I am by no means disappointed in the quality of the table or the price I paid, but $300 does seem a little steep for what it is. That being said, I know there are other company’s selling similar tables for much more.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever thought your jeep could use a little more space, or wish you had a tailgate to work from like a pickup, you will love this. I’ve used it at work for fixing a quick meal, I’ve used it on cold day’s to fix hot chocolate, and I’ve used it to hold tools while I look for stuff in the back. It’s always there and extremely useful. Between this and my $17 Walmart drawers, my jeep is always ready to go on an adventure.

I will be doing more reviews soon, and I’ll be sure to capture more pictures during the install process.



Jeep Wrangler 2007-2016 Trail gate table

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  1. Tobias Mann

    I’ve been considering one of these for my Jeep, but it appears that it would interfier with the drawer system I have planned. Thanks for saving me that disapointment. Really implementation though. I like how the cutting board slides out to give you more work space. It really is a nice touch. As wierd as it sounds the most interesting idea that I got from this is the colapsable sink. I must have one. Where can I find them?

    Great blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for sharing more of your favorites on the reddit thread earlier today.

    • Alex.H

      I’ll see if I can find the link on Amazon. It’s the greatest little sink ever! It’s called the PrepWorks collapsible dish.

      I plan on doing a drawer system as well, but I think I’ll mount my fridge on the right so it won’t interfere too much. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      I’ve been slowly working my way through your blog as well! I really like it. Maybe sometime we’ll try and meet up for a trip and collaborate.

      • Tobias Mann

        Alex.H I’d enjoy collaborating. If you have any ideas for a guest post I’m always happy to publish and share. I’m also up to sharing advice and weighing in on various issues if you ever need commentary for something?

        I’m looking forward to your next mod.

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