New Years Day Trail Ride

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What better way to start the new year than meet up with a group of friends and do some trail riding!?

One of the local overlanders here in Chattanooga sent out an invite for friends to meetup for the 2nd annual New Years Day Trail Ride. Ashley was kind enough to plan, scout and lead the trip. We all met at a gas station just outside of the Cherokee National Forest before setting off on a great 100 mile adventure.


I’d love to have had more shots of all of the vehicles moving, but with time constraints I was limited to windshield shots. I also need to finish mounting my gimbal. It does a great job even though I was bouncing around in the jeep.


The large pipes you see are part of the Appalachian Power House and Damn. The Hiwassee River is backed up by the Apalachia Dam. The water is piped 11 miles downstream in two large tubes. Most of the 11 miles is underground. I’m not sure the pictures do justice to how large these pipes are!



From what I’ve been told, the odd concrete structure was a concrete fill station used to construct the nearby dam and pipes. It would be similar to the one pictured below.


The final stop was the aforementioned Appalachian Power House on the banks of the Hiwassee River.


The suspension bridge crossing the Hiwassee gave temporary pause to the two pups with our group, but soon they were bounding across with the rest of us.

We had an awesome time making new friends and starting the new year off right!


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