Adventure is in our DNA. From the earliest written history humans have sought out new lands, new challenges and have been driven by the need to explore. The term overlanding, “to travel by land”, is still a new verb, but the concept has been around for all of humanity. From the earliest tradesmen to the gold rush people seek adventure. The modern day overlanding vehicle may have come a long way from the horse and buggy, but the concept is still the same; bring what you need, leave no trace, and embrace the adventure.

Scenic City Overland is our way of bringing you on our adventure. The team consists of Alex, Sarah, Josh, and Becky. We are a group of friends from Chattanooga Tennessee, the scenic city, but you’ll often find our adventures branching out far beyond our beautiful valley. Not every adventure will be strictly overlanding. We’ll have gear write-ups, overlanding trips, and whatever experiences we think you will enjoy.

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